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KK & Annie's Empowering Candles

Velvet Smoke

Velvet Smoke

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10 oz

"Velvet Smoke" is a seductive symphony of Smoked Oud, Amber, and Vanilla. Allow yourself to be enraptured by the enchanting essence of Velvet Smoke. This candle embodies the irresistible allure of the night with its intoxicating blend of Smoked Oud, the warm embrace of Amber, and the sweet caress of Vanilla. As you ignite this candle, you'll summon the spirit of adventure and find yourself immersed in the rich, indulgent scents that define bold moments and unforgettable experiences. Velvet Smoke is your invitation to let go, make lasting memories, and relish in the most captivating and audacious chapters of life.

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